Private riding lessons with Fiona Stuart

If you are looking to take your riding to the next level then book your private riding lesson with Fiona today. Fiona is a retired International event rider who was the first woman to be selected for the British Olympic event team. With many years of experience in professional competition and coaching, she brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge enabling you to achieve things you never thought were achievable. She brings results in both horse and rider.

A horse and rider show jumping

Fiona’s technique

Fiona is famous for her unique, quirky yet very successful methods in training both you and your horse. She puts great importance on the biomechanics of both horse and rider. The basis of all her work is to ensure that the horse learns to stretch throughout the whole body.  Her approach is individually tailored to accommodate both horse and riders needs and goes beyond your lesson! Important to point out, Fiona is truly committed to your training by constantly thinking of ways to develop your training with you and your horse. From bits to exercises you have never tried before you will be amazed at the results. Find out more about Fiona here.

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As well as private riding lessons, Fiona can train your horse too. Here you can stable your horse for given periods and Fiona will work with them ridden and in hand. With a combination of ridden and groundwork, specific to your horse’s needs, you will 100% see positive results. Many people bring their horses to Fiona to train for whatever purposes that they are trying to achieve. And they are never disappointed. Fiona will also travel within reason for group lessons if it is feasible. To find out more you can contact Fiona here or call her on 07740 986 348.

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A horse and rider jumping a cross country fence